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Cover to the first edition
First edition cover
Country Poland
Language Polish
Genre(s) science fiction
Publisher MON
Publication date 1961
Preceded by Return from the Stars
Followed by The Invincible

Solaris is the most famous of Lem's novels. It had been reviewed many times in various countries and in various languages. It belongs – probably as no other Polish literary work – to the core of its genre, to the canon: a novel about contact with aliens cannot be omitted in discussions of world science fiction. Why has „Solaris” achieved this status? Probably because the book not only present the most original vision of the alien world known to science fiction, but in the most interesting and emotional way present the drama of cognition and its entanglement in literature, in telling stories that is so inseparable for human culture.

Plot summary


  • Kris Kelvin - main protagonist
  • Harey - Kelvin's wife
  • Snaut ("The Rat")
  • Sartorius
  • Gibarian
  • Berton


Main themes

Literary significance and critical reaction


Narrative style


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