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Presentation of various editions of Stanislaw Lem's books in various countries.

Print-runs from all over the world

Total print-runs of Lem's books in various countries
Country Print-run
Russia 11000000
Poland 9000000
Germany 7500000
Japan 700000
Czech Republic 500000
United States 500000
Bulgaria 400000
Hungary 400000
Italy 350000
Spain 350000
Romania 300000
Slovakia 200000
China 100000
Croatia 100000
Portugal 100000
Sweden 100000
United Kingdom 100000
France 90000
Australia 50000
Belarus 50000
Brazil 50000
Canada 50000
Finland 50000
Greece 50000
Israel 50000
Korea, South 50000
Latvia 50000
Lithuania 50000
Serbia 50000
Turkey 50000
Ukraine 50000
Belgium 25000
Denmark 25000
Netherlands 25000
Slovenia 25000
Argentina 20000
Armenia 20000
Estonia 20000
Georgia 20000
Mexico 20000
Moldova 20000
Norway 20000
Taiwan 20000
Albania 10000
Macedonia 10000
Bosnia and Herzegovina 5000
Chile 5000
Egypt 5000
Kazakhstan 5000
Syria 5000

How to add a new bibliographical record:

  1. Search whether the edition in question is missing from the Lemopedia resources (preferably by entering the title and language of publication).
  2. If you have not found the edition, create a new page:
    • in the search box enter the title of the new page according to this example (title should be in English): Title Language Publisher DateOfPublication (for example: Star Diaries German Insel 1961)
    • select "create new page"
  3. In the new page paste the following template:
|Polish title=
|English title=
|publication date=
|first edition=
|cover by=
  1. Fill in the empty fields (leave them blank if you don't have the necesary information)
  2. As the first title put the title of the specific edition.
  3. View the preview page (click "show preview").
  4. If everything seems fine click "save page".
  5. If you have the cover of the particular edition in electronic format (jpg, png, tiff) upload it to Lemopedia resources by clicking on the file name displayed in the upper right corner (red link) of the page. Preferred resolution: 300 dpi, width: 600px.

Thank you!


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