Solaris (Planet)

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Solaris is a planet in Stanislaw Lem's Novel Solaris.


Solaris is situated between a white and a red sun. It is covered 97-99% by protoplasmiotic oceans.

Solaris Planet.jpg


It has a diameter 120% that of Earth

Human Exploration

Humans first discovered the planet through their astronomy, but decided that since it was between two suns, its orbit was highly unstable and wouldn't lend itself to the emergence of lifeforms.

They were dumbfounded, however, when they found out that Solaris was stabilizing its orbit in relation to its twin stars by means unknown. It was later discovered that Solaris is even able to bend timespace, a feat yet unknown to man. Unmanned probes, and eventually expeditions were sent to Solaris. A great deal of Literature has been written by its explorers, among them Gieser.