Selected Short Stories Russian AST 2010 (2)

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Provocation Russian AST 2010 (2).jpg

title: Provokatsiya; Biblioteka XXI veka
original (Polish) title: Pamiętnik
English title: Selected Short Stories
language: Russian
country: Russia
place: Moscow
form: book
publisher: AST
publication date: 2010

translator: Dushenko K.

cover: hard
cover by: Kudryavtsev A.
pages: 256 (215-252)

ISBN: 978-5-17-066903-5; 978-5-271-29454-9
print-run: 3000
series: Kniga na vse vremena

Nr -264a 3/3 Content in Polish: Prowokacja; Jedna minuta; Das Kreative Vernichtungsprinzip. The World As Holocaust; Weapon Systems of the Twenty First Century or The Upside-Down Evolution; Pamiętnik