Selected Short Stories English Continuum 1981

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Selected Short Stories English Continuum 1981.jpg

title: Cosmic Carnival of Stanislaw Lem, the
original (Polish) title: Opowiadania wybrane
English title: Selected Short Stories
language: English
country: USA
place: New York
form: book
publisher: Continuum
publication date: 1981
edition: first

translator: Kandel Michael

cover: soft
cover by: Daniel Mróz
foreword: "A Portrait of the Artist as a Thing Antediluvian" by Michael Kandel
pages: 271

ISBN: 0-8264-0043-4

Braving the Unknown:

Ordeal by Space:

Ijon Tichy:

The Cybernetic Fairy Tales (from Cyberiad, the and Mortal Engines):

  • "Two Monsters"
  • "The Second Sally, or The Offer of King Krool"
  • "The Tale of Computer That Fought a Dragon"
  • The History of Zipperius (from "Tale of the Three Storytelling Machines of King Genius")

High Nonsense from Star Diaries, the:

  • "The Seventh Voyage"
  • "The Fourteenth Voyage"

Literary Experiments (A Recent Experiment):