My View on Literature English Harcourt 1984 soft

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My View on Literature English Harcourt 1984 soft.jpg

title: Microworlds
original (Polish) title: Mój pogląd na literaturę
English title: My View on Literature
language: English
country: USA
place: New York
form: book
publisher: Harcourt
publication date: 1984
edition: first

translator: Rottensteiner Franz
translator2: Gillespie R. Bruce
translator3: Suvin Darko
translator4: Abernathy Robert
cover: soft
cover by: Likgalter Mark
foreword:Rottensteiner Franz
pages: 285

ISBN: 0-15-659443-9


  • Introduction by Franz Rottensteiner
  • Reflections on My Life
  • On the Structural Analysis of Science Fiction
  • Science Fiction: A Hopeless Case -- with Exceptions
  • Philip K. Dick: A Visionary Among the Charlatans
  • The Time-Travel Story and Related Matters of Science-Fiction Structuring
  • Metafantasia: The Possibilities of Science Fiction
  • Cosmology and Science Fiction
  • Todorov's Fantastic Theory of Literature
  • Unitas Oppositorum: The Prose of Jorge Luis Borges
  • About the Strugatskys' Roadside Picnic