Mortal Engines English Penguin 2016

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Mortal Engines English Penguin 2016.jpg

title: Mortal Engines
original (Polish) title: Bajki robotów
English title: Mortal Engines
language: English
country: Great Britain
place: London
form: book
publisher: Penguin
publication date: 2016
edition: first

translator: Kandel Michael

cover: paperback
foreword: Michael Kandel
pages: 225

ISBN: 978-0-241-26907-7
series: modern classics


  • Introduction
  • The Three Electroknights
  • Uranium Earpieces
  • How Erg the Self-inducting Slew a Paleface
  • Two Monsters
  • The White Death
  • How Microx and Gigant Made the Universe Expand
  • Tale of the Computer That Fought a Dragon
  • The Advisers of King Hydrops 6o Automatthew's Friend
  • King Globares and the Sages
  • The Tale of King Gnuff
  • The Sanatorium of Dr Vliperdius
  • The Hunt
  • The Mask