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Getting started

Start Editing Lemopedia

Go to the Main Page and follow the links there to the desired subject. Available are Books,Characters, Locations, Machines, Ships which are the Objects that appear in the Work of Stanislaw Lem.

Current Project

The Current Project is to eliminate the 1773 orphaned pages we have on the Lemopedia. For this Purpose the 70+ Books be added as pages containing the lists of their editions. Robert Boettcher 23:44, 22 October 2014 (CEST)

Wiki Update

The wiki is being updated regularly with new Pictures of the covers of the Hardciver and Softcover issues of Stanislaw Lem's stories.

If you see another print cover with a Stanislaw Lem story in it, please look at the previous examples for the required template information and add this information where possible to the page.


All Characters from the novels of Stanislaw Lem are listed with their class (Major, Minor, Stub-Character) of importance and the Books they appear in. (as well as the first time of their Appearance).

More Important Characters like the Major and Minor Characters usually have more information about them in the book they appear in. This information should be used to write and expand the Character description.

When writing the content of the Character Description requires care and patience. The Content is actually divided into three different categories, and judged by 1. Spoiler-Alert 2. Canonical (with Source) 3. Continuation (speculation from own source)

While it might sound silly that a book from 1987 (Fiasco) should have a spoiler warning, think again how it would feel to know the whole story of SPOILER: The Quintans being a lifeform consisting of anaerobic and aerobic organism...

But it would not suffice that the Quintans are the sole living civilization on Quinta. That would just be too little information to be relevant.

To verify canonical content, select pieces from the text of the novel and attach them to the Article as a new page with the Format ArticleName/Statement1Source to support the canonical text attribute of the wiki article.

The source needs to be separate from the article in order to resolve questions about Copyright for these first.


All locations described by Stanislaw Lem in his books. Must note which book they appear in, short description works. The reference source material to support its existence should be stored in a separate page in the format article/source


All machines (with the exception of space-ships) that are described in Stanislaw Lem's novels (like Diglas). Their working concept or whatever information is available about them should be provided. Where there is lacking detail about technicalities, the reference should mention them as unresolved and point to the source for more information.


This section is pretty straightforward. All the rockets and space-travelling ships mentioned in Stanislaw Lem's novels, together with any more details are gathered in this Section, like for Example Pirx's [[Cuvier or the Hermes.

Philosophical Concepts

This deals with the Concepts Lem is introducing and examining as a Philosopher (like Exformation, Evolution, Anthropocentrism) which are worth noting.

Logical Concepts

This deals with the Concepts Lem is introducing and examining as a Logician (like Game-Theory, MiniMax, Mirror-Effect

Latin Phrases

Words and Phrases Stanislaw Lem is introducing as part of his work (like Contra spem spero)


This section covers all objects and Entities Stanislaw Lem gave a name in his work. They could be objects, People, Planets, Ships, Concepts. They are all noted (in this kind of monographic index) with the book they show up in (multiple possible, then starting with the eldest one)

Wiki Translation

Some Articles and Interviews are only available in languages other than English. In order to work with the source material, prior translation is necessary. Please note that the question of ownership of the translation (even if it is done by you) is still open. Might have to be resolved by the community later.


There are several interviews Stanislaw Lem has given that are now only available by contacting research institutes. There will be a list of such bibliographies shortly, and then a contact list with current status of the pending request for the article ought to be put up.


Stanislaw Lem has published Articles, for example in German, that are not available in any other tongue. In order to work with them, the community can start to translate them and use them as Source for this wiki.

Please note that the question of ownership of the translation (even if it is done by you) is still open. Might have to be resolved by the community later.