Chain of Chance Russian AST 2021

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Return from the Stars Russian AST 2021.jpg
Return from the Stars Russian AST 2021 .jpg

title: Vozvrashchenie so zvezd
original (Polish) title: Katar
English title: Chain of Chance, the
language: Russian
country: Russia
place: Moscow
form: book
publisher: AST
publication date: 2021
volume: Complete Works Vol.5

translator: Larin S.
translator2: Chepaytis V.

cover: hard
pages: 672 (157-287)

ISBN: 978-5-17-133413-0
print-run: 2500
series: Lem — sobraniye sochineniy (Neo)

Nr +326a 2/4 Content in Polish: Śledztwo; Katar; Pamiętnik znaleziony w wannie; Powrót z gwiazd